04 May 2021

BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration)

BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration)

BBA is one of the flagship programs of Khurshid Institute of Higher Education in which the university has excelled its core competency, and established its reputation. This program is famous for its quality education and the kind of door of job opportunities it opens in ministries, government organizations, embassies, international organizations, NGOs and private sector etc.

Apart from classroom offerings, the program emphasizes on the practical aspect of a business or work. Through its industrial visits, and exclusive four months industrial training under the supervision of a faculty member and a mentor at the organization trains him to develop the acumen which is required for any business and work.

Areas of Specialization:

Business Department offers specialization in General business management and Finance management.

Teaching Pedagogy:

To prepare a student to fit in an organizational and business environment, we use the most advanced tools of delivering and learning.

Courses are offered through classroom training, organizing guest lectures from industries, case studies, simulation techniques, group discussion etc.

Evaluation and Assessment:

Evaluation of a student will be conducted through continuous and final assessment based on direction from Ministry of High Education.

In continuous assessment, a student performance will be observed over a semester through class participation, quiz marks, mid-term examination etc.

In case of final assessment, a student performance will be measured through comprehension and writing abilities. Structure of a question paper is informed before the exam.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The candidate must have 12th grade high school certificate or equivalent qualification.
  2. The Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in English Language.

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